For this project, I created a brand character for Floroz. Floroz is a flower shop in Modi’in, Israel. They started out as a small business that exported tulips to Holland, and eventually opened up their shop to Israeli consumers.

To this day, Floroz cooperates with Holland, and every year, Dutch florists come to Israel to teach their employees the craft.
A Dutch brand character seemed the most fitting because she communicates Holland’s green fields and the brand's history.
My mascot, Rose, is mischievous, hyper and fun. She likes being in nature. Even when she gets dirty, she and her worm friend like to explore our wonderful world.
Empty State & Sketches
After creating Rose, I created the empty state illustrations for Floroz’s e-commerce site.
Made in Digital Illustration & Branding Course, third-year studies in HIT.
Mentor: Shira Nochumsohn

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