"Came Out" is a series of books depicting the life stories of historic Israeli LGBTQIA+ personas. These personas stood out by breaking through the barriers of the conservative society they lived in and being made into public and scandalous figures in the media.

Using sociological academic articles, the series analyzes the state of Israeli society at different times throughout its history, to help understand how homophobic injustices were enabled back then, and even nowadays.

The series finally allows us to deeply focus on the lives of Israeli LGBTQIA+ heroes & Heroines, to criticize the media and not the other way around.

The books presented here tell the stories of: 

Rina Natan: The first known Israeli transgender woman. The main events concerning her coming out occurred in the 1950s.

Sarah Rina Ben Menahem: The first Israeli lesbian author, who self-published her book after it was rejected by several publishers due to its LGBTQIA+ storyline.

Jonathan Danilowitz: First Israeli person who filed a lawsuit for homophobic discrimination to the Israeli supreme court. By judging in Danilowitz's favor, the supreme court created a precedent that allowed following similar suits to take place for the community as a whole - to demand its rights through the justice system.
It was important to me to end each book by laying out the influences of the hero’s & heroine's actions, and the other ones who were able to come out and act after them, whether through protests, queer literature, and transgender presence.
In addition to the books, I designed an Instagram page for the publishing house. The page includes a broader, more general scan of the community’s historic figures, events, and places, such as changing of laws, protests, rallies, public coming out stories, etc... Each piece of information is presented as a designed post that includes an original newspaper article, news broadcast, poster or any other historic details from the archives.

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